Came into work today and the schedule was up: I’m training the next four days in this week! O_O;;;
First thought: Holy crap! Four days!
Second thought: Holy crap! Friday AND Saturday?!
Third thought: Let’s just eat a paczki and worry about this later.

Today being Fat Tuesday, I finally managed to buy some paczki, that rich and delicious Polish doughnut (okay, we’ll be proper and call it a fried pastry), after forgetting/missing Paczki Day/Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday for years since the first time I’d heard of them from an ex. I almost debated not sharing them, but then I remembered that Jorge loves doughnuts. And I love Jorge. So I bought some. (FYI, Jorge is our butcher and Master of the Chorizo-Stuffed-Dates. He’s also my best friend in the kitchen.)

Not much to say except that tomorrow should be fun! *cringe*
Once I’m more comfortable doing what I’ll be doing, the confidence will come, but for now… uneasiness is all I feel.

Pertaining to today’s prep:
Whoever washed those mixed greens yesterday, YOU SUCK. If this was Mixed Greens 101, you’d fail. And then the person who brings this to my attention, whether it be Koren or John, probably thinks it was me since I usually wash the greens. Well, I didn’t wash them this time. And I’m peeved because no customer should have to eat gritty greens, because they should’ve been properly washed in the first place.

I hate it when easy, basic tasks like this can’t even be done properly because of inattention or general laziness. It’s a pet peeve of mine.

Until next time! I mean, tomorrow!