I flew solo on the line tonight and I think I did okay! Everyone was really nice and said I did great and that my food looked awesome, which means they weren’t looking at the right time haha. But seriously, I just tried my hardest to work as quickly as possible, as efficiently as possible (trying to build muscle memory), while putting out food that was appealing to the eye and tasty to boot. Not tooting my horn or nuthin’ but I think I did alright!

It was quite the surprise to find out when I got into work that I would be working the line alone. John was all casual about it, “By the way you’re working the line by yourself tonight” as he walked upstairs. I was mincing shallots when I felt my heart drop into my stomach. But it’s not like I could refuse, so I accepted it. I started setting up my station, getting stocks and ice. I learned where they keep the wood next door that we use for our oven. I approached my seniors/senpais and thinking back to all the manga I’ve read I humbly asked them to “please take care of me” and bowed low. Then I started a pan of dates and learned to work the flow. It was pretty busy and stayed like that until about 10pm. There were still people eating a little after midnight!

Working the oven is going to have to take some getting used to, as well as some adapting. For one thing, it’s not easy reaching into a 700°F oven and while I wasn’t burnt (well, except for one mysterious burn on the back of my right hand and a slight burn blisters on the tips of my fingers from handling hot loaves of bread), my skin was getting red and toasty. Fun!! >_>;;; Another thing, that same searing heat is really irritating the skin on my face. Since I’m super short (standing at a towering 5’1″) that oven fire is directly in front of me. It makes turning dates uber awesome (>_>;;;) as well as puts my eye RIGHT in the path of spitting oil when I’m flipping chicken. In fact, I got a tiny one in my left eye that, if it had been bigger, my contact and eye would’ve probably been pretty effed up. *SHUDDER*
Anyway, I need to hydrate even more than ever and find some solution for my irritated skin or else I’ll look like I’m hitting puberty again. (NOOOO! >_<)

Koren wasn't around tonight which was probably a good thing. Not that she'd make me nervous, but I don't want someone I admire to see me floundering around. Not that I really was, but it could've happened and that would've been a little mortifying.

I'm back to "observation" tomorrow and Saturday. I'm not complaining, as I doubt I could keep up with the weekend rush. Woohoo! What a milestone in my humble life!