I was scheduled to train again yesterday but since Saturdays are really busy days prep-wise, Koren changed the game plan and put me on prep. That was all good, since it meant I could leave when I was finished prepping. Sweet! I could go home and sleep, since I’d had less than 5 hours before having to get up ass-early for a mandatory staff meeting (where they passed out company policy employee booklets, addressed an employee from a sister restaurant’s lymphoma, made some flowery speeches and then we took an avec family photo–essentially, a waste of time, aside from employee handbook and talking about the lymphoma) that I just now realized one of our employees didn’t attend. Hmm…. I wonder what repurcussions (if any) he will face….

While not an especially hard day for me, I had to do two “extra” tasks because the opener, John, lost track of time when cooking off the blood sausage and squid ink crackers, requiring me to case more sausage and roll out more cracker on short notice. While for the most part, he is a good, capable sous chef, he has a habit of losing track of things in the oven. It’s not like I mind, as prep is prep, but it gives one pause to have to backtrack.

Just before I left for the night, Koren told me I might be solo on the line on Tuesday. I didn’t say anything, as there’s nothing to say. I accept it if that’s what it’s to be. But there’s also a server from our big sister restaurant (Blackbird) called Chris, who preps on Monday-Tuesday and then hangs out on the line. I wonder if I will conflict with him. I won’t know til I come in and see the schedule Tuesday. Oh well, fun times…?

I’d also like to mention kinda-sorta unrelated that a culinary school friend of mine contacted me about helping him set up a stage at avec. I gave him John’s number and told him to call and set it up. I wonder if he did. I wonder if I’ll be scheduled on a day where he’ll stage. He’s currently working at the Marriott and apparently it’s not creatively stimulating. I hope he’ll be able to literally take the heat….

Today is my off day and I was invited to go to our server (Sontra) and hostess (Robyn) karaoke birthday party. YEAHHH!! My not-so-secret-love: karaoke!! There’s also going to be Korean BBQ at San Soo Gab San afterward I believe. Don’t know if I’ll be showing up for that, but I’ll definitely be bringing my sing on. Lalalala…!!!