Back on prep all this week.

Turns out it’s temporary, since Adam’s leaving soon. I’m trying to wrap my head around how I figure into this, but I’m not going to sweat it. Prep is fine. Relaxing in its own way. Reassuring to know that I can leave when I’m done (so that my silly wishes of getting cream puffs or gelato or a hotdog can actually come true).

The only (minor) annoyance is sometimes I feel treated like an actual kitchen slave.
Remember that scene in Disney’s Cinderella where the bells that summon her all ring at the same time and the house is filled with shrill cries of “Cinderellaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!” and they pile on all those crazy chores for her? Sometimes, I feel like that’s me, except avec doesn’t have bell pulls. It’s just various line cooks telling me, “[Can you] Make squid crackers.” “Make a batch of pasta dough.” “Marinate some kale.” “Have you done [insert task here] yet? We’re gonna need some today.” And it’s more often than not that there’s a time crunch: either we’ll be open for business in half an hour or there’s not much of said item to start and/or they ran out and no one said anything and they need it NOW.
Times like that, I feel like I’m taken for granted. It gets me down a little but it just makes me THAT much more awesome for busting it out all fast and whatnot. It brings me a little pleasure to know that I saved someone’s ass or picked up someone’s slack.

We had a stage yesterday. I had the day off so I don’t know who it was, but I saw on the schedule that he’ll be back again. Adam’s replacement? Hope not… >.>