Hi all,
I’m going to make this short because I just want to take a bath and then go to sleep. Today was another rough-ish night. I just can’t seem to move as fast as I want to (damn my fat self), or I just can’t get ahead as much as I want to. I DID keep up with my dates. So I’ve got something there. Now all I have to do is keep up with date sauce aka piquillo sauce. Mlurf =_=;;;;

Last week I burned myself, not that I made a big deal about it. They’re healing but they look dark which everyone noticed, even Koren. She and everyone else today (save for Elliot and Armanzo, who are of the “whatev” school of thought, of which I’m also a believer) kept telling me to put something on my burns. I guess I know where they’re coming from, but really, I’d prefer to let nature take its course. Okay, I take that back. I just asked my dad for some Asian burn cream. I got a new burn today which is puffing up in that way where you know there’s that gross liquid underneath. Anyone know what that stuff is called? I got it when I hit my wrist on top of the wood oven. The new burn is right on top of an old burn. D’oh!!! >__<

Back on the line tomorrow night. I wish I could say “fun times!” like I always do, but this time I’m actually hoping for a day off on Wednesday. I was so tired tonight I didn’t even check my schedule to see what time I clock in.

CRAP. I think I forgot to clock out. D’OH!!!!!!!! >_<