What a great, easy night last night!
Thanks to everyone staying home and watching the NCAA Championships, I had a slow night which helped both me and Armanzo. He was training for the first time on station 2. I was learning to adapt with a pork shoulder change. The slow, almost boring night did us good (it did for me anyway).

Armanzo, if I haven’t mentioned it before, is one of my favorite line cooks to work with. Usually he’s at Station 3 but he’s such a seasoned line cook (he’s also worked in two other Paul Kahan restaurants: Blackbird and The Publican) that he’s moving up to 2 (Hmm… KO* had been training on 2 as well, before. I wonder how he’s doing?). With him next to me, we were yukking it up and the dynamic was really good. Of course, this will get tested if we get busier. In addition, my other favorite line cook, Elliot, was playing expo tonight. Fun times!
Oh yeah, Sous-chef John, who’s usually expo was at 3 tonight. It was a sort of welcome change to not have to look at him at the window and have him criticizing my food :/

Thankfully, since it was so slow, I skated past two indiscretions. Through some miscommunication, KO (who was our opener) thought I had enough boiled peanuts for the shoulder dish, but I didn’t. This necessitated in boiling more during the middle of service. I don’t know if it was something I said, or if he didn’t understand, but it doesn’t matter. Most likely it was something I said since onus is on me to make sure I’m sure I’ve got what I need…? =_=
Secondly, I almost misjudged my amount of wood. I had a full bag before we opened but by 10pm, it was looking scary-low which got me worried. Luckily the pace the whole night was slow but if it had been busier, I most likely would’ve been screwed. As a precaution, I went downstairs and took some logs from the baker’s woodpile. I felt bad doing it, but I’d have felt worse looking at Elliot and saying, “Um…. I’m out of wood” *sweatdrop* (Elliot’s nice and all, but I’ve never seen Elliot’s laser glare, and I never want to thankyouverymuch.)

On the train ride home, I met an old student-buddy from my culinary school days. He interned at The Publican but was currently working at the JW Marriott Hotel. We talked about our line cook jobs (I inwardly squee’d when he asked me if I was a line cook now and I said yes); he expressed dissatisfaction with his. I gave him John’s number to set up a stage. It would be fun to see him stage.
I honestly don’t know how I feel about working with friends though (if he does well enough to get a job offer). It would almost seem like a conflict of interest. We’ll have to see what happens when we get there…

In conclusion, what are the lessons we learned today?: make sure you have backups and keep your woodpile stocked. (Haha, a kitchen version of Oliver Cromwell’s “Trust in God and keep your powder dry”?)
As we say in the kitchen: “Heard!”

*KO also opted out of a real name and wanted a blogname too. Eagle-eyed blogreaders with sharp memories might know who it might be from previous blog entries….