On Monday night Time Out Chicago held its annual Eat Out awards ceremony, and as a result, a bunch of food-industry professionals came afterward to eat at our humble establishment. COOL!!!!!
Ryan Poli (ex-Perrenial chef and soon-to-be Tavernita chef) came by with his associates and while I don’t know/remember his full order, he did have the foie gras and pork shoulder. He didn’t tweet about the pork shoulder though ._. Of course glamorous foie gras would get all the attention and love ;_;
Stephanie Izard (Girl & The Goat) came in around 11PM with Jared Rouben (Goose Island) and ordered a LOT of stuff: antipasto, dates, whole fish, brandade, crostini, and who knows what else, but barely ate all/any of it, and then they left, which kind of bums me out since we put in extra effort (well, I sure as hell did) to make the food look freaking fabulous/delicious. Is it kind of rude if while looking at her with her back towards me (she sat at seat 58, which is the table in front of my station) I thought, “Man, she sure has a big, pouffy head”?
Justin Large (Big Star) sat at the bar with his fiancée. Aside from dates and bratwurst I can’t remember what they had.
Minus professional chefs, a number of lesser industry folk (not connected to the awards ceremony) came by to eat too. An ex-hostess who’s currently working at Big Star came in to eat. (But didn’t come by to say hi to us… rude?) Two line cooks from The Publican (I knew one of them) came in after the kitchen closed to sit at the bar and chat.

All in all, a good night, if just a tad bit slow (I can’t believe I just said that). I was steady and chugging along, but I got the feeling that I could’ve been a bit busier. Katie (on 3, which seemed to be slammed that night) wants to put a mackerel dish on station 1 so that not all fish is coming off station 3. Hmm….
Aside from some tiny blips to my self esteem (I knocked over a pan of oil during service and it took about 3 boxes of salt to clean it up =_=), I think I’ve been doing well! Johnny said I really came into my own ever since that Friday night I worked for Katie, to which I have no words except, “Yay?” Praise really catches me off guard. It’s nice to hear and bolsters my self esteem, but it’s hard to take seriously. I think I’ve still got quite a ways to go until I can be at the point where it’s a busy night and I can stay focused and collected AND confident. Hah, it’s only been a month. I’ve got plenty of time to get comfortable ^_^

In other news, Dylan, my Station 1 counterpart, has decided to go back to school. I guess he thought long and hard and came to the conclusion that he wanted to explore new prospects in his life, and that staying a line cook forever wouldn’t necessarily pan out. He’s still a young guy so I’m happy for him. It takes courage to decide for yourself when something isn’t working out and to break away from it. It’s scary too. I think Dylan told me he’s worked as a line cook since he was a teen, so it would be safe to assume it’s pretty much all he knows. I felt the same way deciding midway through university that I’d rather go to culinary school. Scary.
Until more developments of any kind pop up, I’ll be heading off to get corndogs thanks to this review by Ms. Nao. Cheers!