are ninjas cooking noodles
the fastest robot cutting spinach
a tornado stirring eggs and flower
a book making dough
a stretch-o-matic stretching dough
a three-cooking-noodles team

those are
the top
Justin, Paul, and Betty

-poem written by The Second Graders of Disney II Magnet School

When I got into work yesterday, little did I know there was a surprise waiting for me in my locker. A packet of handmade cards and thank-you compositions from the second graders from when I helped Justin and Paul Kahan with their noodle demonstration! I pretty much had a squee attack when I saw them and flipped through a few. I wish I had a better camera (mine is currently out of commission) so you’ll have to make do with my cell phone camera ^_^;;;

Cards and Compositions

The packet of goodies I found in my locker.

I copied the students’ writings verbatim, so all cute and crazy misspellings and grammar are courtesy of those second graders ^_^
The compositions were PRECIOUS. Not only did they thank me for my presentation and express hope in returning to the school, some students added things like:
“I liked the way you made noodle the old fashion way.”
“How do you make such loveley food?????”
“Do you have a sister or a brother?”
“Are you married?… Are your parents still alive? Do you like me?”
“I think your pretty!… I love your cooking! You should be famous!

One of my favorites that killed me:
“One time me and my dad and sister were making slime. My dad made a big blob of it and stretched it out like when you make noodles…. And do please come back. Please please, pleeeeease.”

The message in one of the cards. If a kid says so, it must be true!

The poem they wrote. I better make sure I can live up to their ideals.

Ahhh….so AWESOME!!!!! If I’m ever having a bad time of it (it might happen someday), I can look at these things and feel rejuvenated. I wanted to participate in Pilot Light again if I could, but now I REALLY want to be a part of it! Fingers crossed that Justin calls me in again!

In other news, another decent night on the line last night. They added the trout pick-up to my station (I inwardly groaned but got used to it) and it ended up being a popular night for bratwurst sausage. At one point, I had 6 total orders at the same time and John (who was on 2) helped me throw them all into a skillet to cook them. I have to start thinking like that; it never occurred to me that I could cook them all together and portion them out later. It saved me a lot of time and oven space. He also helped me out when I was swamped with date orders. Thanks, Johnny! I felt a smidgen bad that I couldn’t keep up at the time, but now I’m more grateful than anything.
Koren (expo) was on me for a good part of the night, telling me to hold back on spices (I guess I’m a little too heavy handed with chilies and black pepper >.>;;) and not to smush the pork shoulder too much.
One thing I feel bad about was that during a lull in service I forgot about a shoulder I was cooking on John’s side of the window and didn’t remember it until nearly 25 minutes had gone by and nearly all the liquid was gone from it. I quickly pulled the meat out, threw in more stock, peanuts and shrimp and threw it back under John’s fire where it came back to a boil just as the server asked for it. I felt so bad, but at least it was ready in under a minute. Urgh….STUPID >_<
Note to self: Do NOT put anything in John's oven when no one is there to mind it….

Little things like that are subtle but jarring reminders that just because I'm getting comfortable in the station doesn't mean I've mastered the station yet. And I see they've put the mackerel on the menu. And the trout is still on the menu too. Great… I've got two fish dishes in addition to other dishes I'm struggling to juggle. Urgh… I've still so much to learn.