I worked on Friday and Saturday but being tired/busy/lazy, I didn’t have the opportunity to talk about it. I would like to mention that I guess I painted my Wednesday night a little too rosily because a reality check came Friday when I came into work, and as I was getting together various items to take to my station (stocks, ice, bowls, etc), Koren asked me if I was going to do better that night than Wednesday =_=
Well, duh. No, Koren. I plan on doing worse, so you can splash more lemon juice on my wounds and possibly consider firing me or something.

I know I say that every night was “okay”, but it’s hard to use any other words to describe that I am comfortable with. I can’t say a night was busy because just because we go through a push doesn’t mean the night ends up being busy. And just because I have difficulties doesn’t mean the night was busy. It means I was having difficulties, or people wanted too much crap off my station. Or I’m just an inexperienced lunkhead who hasn’t got her muscle memory down yet.
A lot of different reasons that I’m not aware of could have contributed to my stumbling on Wednesday night that didn’t happen on Friday. Because Friday was pretty good for me. And I’m not being noncommittal or anything. I actually thought I did well, and we did 204 covers (as opposed to about 142 on Wednesday).
My biggest belief is that I work better with Elliot on 2 than when I work with John. Second suspicion: the trout dish, easy pickup that it was, ended up hindering me a little that Wednesday. Cooking that dish involved a double-handled little All-Clad that took up too much room in my oven when it started getting busy. Third possibility: my wood was giving a LOT of trouble on Wednesday. Fourth: it was Tax Day and Seder on Friday, making things a little easier on me. So all I’ve got are some conjectures, but nothing concrete.
All I definitely know is that I felt I did much better on Friday night than Wednesday.

Saturday was a prep day. It should’ve been an easy day for me but it ended up not going as I expected. I had to come in 30 minutes late because my fish tank in my livingroom sprung a leak and I had to buy a new tank that morning or my fish and my carpet (and my basement ceiling) would not survive the ordeal. Koren and Katie were away at an event in Delaware for Meals On Wheels and John was at a wedding, so even though Elliot opened, he had to expo that night too. And because he had to expo, I was left to finish the tasks. I won’t bore you with details but either that Saturday just happened to be a brutal prep day or I’ve become really rusty at prep work cos I left at 10pm and it wasn’t even that warm outside. As tired as I was (and TOTALLY looking forward to my day off on Sunday), I felt worse for Elliot who wouldn’t be able to leave that night for at least 4 more hours.

I’m back at work on Monday at 2pm. Hopefully I won’t be too tired to blog about it.