Hope you guys had a happy Easter, and if you don’t celebrate, but got the day off anyway, hope you had a nice day off. I sure did. Last week was a string of days off for me, which disappointed me at first, but worked out in the end because I’m a lazy mofo anyway.

Of course, it set me up for the slaughter that was to come yesterday. Yep, slaughter. Because it was Monday, I assumed it would be an easy peasy day. But we ended up getting our asses kicked around by 190 covers. I… don’t know how I survived it, really. Most likely through the good work of station 2 (KO worked it that night) calling out orders and through the benevolent force that willed people NOT to order chicken during the push. They sure did order a lot of sausage, though, dammit, but I am thankful for that. For all my griping about my own station, I’m sure stations 2 and 3 (Katie) had the brunt of the push. My main consternation was with my wood supply which was damp. I struggled to dry it pretty much all night and had to impose on KO more than once >_.>;; John was also our expo that night… not that it meant much cos I didn’t see much of him. And that night, our dishwasher was not dishwashing to his full potential. It was a lot of little problems that just snowballed into a storm of trouble (yep, I know I’m mixing my metaphors).

We FINALLY closed the kitchen at midnight, but my brain had checked out long since. I made some crappy salumi sandwiches for the dishwasher and night cleaner (long live Crappy Comida *weep weep*), wrapped things up, and went downstairs to find that we still had to set up pork shoulder. KO was already cutting up mirepoix, but it’s disappointing to find out that after busting your ass upstairs, you’ve still got another thing to do downstairs. Especially when your expo who wasn’t around most of the night could’ve done it… or at least pulled the bread starter for the baker hours earlier.

The title of this post refers to my ride home on the train. Late at night is when the weirdos come out from hiding, and when the homeless ride the trains for a warm place to sleep. I don’t mind the homeless. I’m wary of the questionable characters I might encounter (which is fewer than you think, but makes the interaction all the more memorable). They’re always pretty harmless, or maybe I’m so naive and good natured, it’s what I tend to believe of people.

I was reading a book when a man came up to me to ask me what I was reading. We had a conversation about books which then somehow segued into him expounding his love for leopards, especially the panther. Totally harmless, but being the nerd I am, I wanted to get back to my book. He talked for what seemed like 20 minutes, with his friends scattered around him on the train, and after he left, his friends asked me if he’d asked for my number. “I had no idea that was his intention,” I replied honestly. I guess if a guy approaches me, I’d think for a split second that he wanted to hit on me, but then when he talks about panthers, that idea seems to fly out the window.
They did say I was pretty though, which gave me a bit of a boost, even if I do take those comments with a grain of salt.

Tonight, Elliot’s on 2. I wonder who’s on 3… Armanzo? To be continued.
(Though I hope tonight is an easy day, dammit.)