So I FINALLY found time to get to a computer. My brother came home and has been hogging the compy playing games, job-searching, and watching downloaded TV episodes. Sometimes there were instances when I could’ve hopped on to post but I was just too tired. This will be a short post.

Since it’s the first of May, that means that it’s John’s last day. I debated going to Avec and give him a farewell gift (that I’d have to buy…) or a well-wishing send-off, but it would require me to travel across the city for one goodbye. And I’m not even that close with him. Therefore, I’ll probably just stay at home. Goodbye, John! (Should I bow my head for a moment of silence?)

I heard some disturbing news yesterday that Dylan had a really bad work accident about 3 days ago. Apparently not five minutes after he came into work, he spilled hot oil down his shoe O_O
I don’t even want to imagine the rest. Just knowing that putting a shoe on will be pretty awful for a while….

Saturday I prepped with Armanzo. He kind of chided me for falling into prep cook ways, saying I had to step up my game. I had brought up some prepped ingredients and just left them there when I could’ve started them working. Now that I was a line cook, I would be opening someday, he said. Totally possible; though the thought never entered my mind. Urgh… I doubt I’ll be an opener so soon, but urghh… *worry*
We had a couple of work accidents later that day. One of the busboys slipped and cut his hand on a broken bottle. It wasn’t bad when I saw the wound, but I guess it had bled a lot at first and spooked some people. At the same time, management also had to deal with a customer who apparently had gotten hit by one of our patio umbrellas after it fell over. It broke his glasses, and maybe injured his foot. I heard he was taken to the hospital. That’s too much drama in so little time!!
Luckily, as far as I know, that was it for that day.

Friday was busy with a total cover count of 213. I worked line 1 and was slammed for a little bit, but somehow pushed through. Times like that I always feel like I’m lagging or failing or generally bringing everything down, so I was immensely surprised when Koren later came up to me and said I was “killin’ it tonight”.
Koren’s very tough so her saying that to me was pretty high praise indeed. Eeee!
Not gonna rest on my laurels, though. Definitely hoping I can continue this winning trend on Monday.