Sorry I’ve not been able to post. After Monday night, I was so tired and grimy, I just showered and went to bed. Sunday was John’s last day, and now Elliot is our sous chef. And Armanzo, too. For some reason I forget Armanzo is a sous chef as well. Probably because Elliot, so far, has been the BEST. SOUS CHEF. EVER.
When he opens, he does practically everything on the list. At the end of the night, the cooler is stocked to the brim. When he’s expo, he stays really late and gets stuff done. When he’s on station 2, I know the night will be a good one. He’s my favorite coworker for a reason.
KO brought up a really good point two nights ago, saying that the staff ought to have a short meeting just to acknowledge that Elliot’s the new sous. “I mean, we all know it, but let’s make it official” he said. I think it’s a GREAT idea. Maybe after work (if Elliot’s working) I should recommend a toast to the new sous.

Monday night was busy, with Armanzo working station 2. I did not have a good night that night, getting my ass kicked a bit by chicken. I couldn’t tell if I was just out of kilter that night, or if I was just not clicking it with Armanzo like I usually do with the others. He chided me for not having pan sauce to dribble on my chicken. “Don’t you want it to be delicious? Wouldn’t sauce make it more delicious?” he said in that soft, educating tone of his. He was right; I was harried; I usually don’t put sauce on the chicken because originally I wasn’t taught that way so it’s a habit to not sauce my chicken. I feel like I’m at odds, like those people who usually fly down the interstate at 100mph but only drive at the limit when the know there’s a cop hanging around. I feel like I might do that: saucing my chicken when I know Armanzo’s next to me. Actually I tried to sauce when I could today. Sometimes pan doesn’t have enough liquid to make sauce, sometimes I’m harried, sometimes I forget. Whatever. There’s been talk about changing that chicken dish anyway.

Wednesday night I worked with Katie (2) and KO (3) and I was awesome (toot toot!). Granted, it was a slow night with 130 covers, but I kept up and stayed on course. Days like that when I know I’m on top of my game, I leave work happy and proud of myself.

Thursday, KO was on 2, Armanzo on 3. We were busy (173 covers) and I got minor burns on my arms (oh, lovely =_=) but I managed to keep up… barely, it seemed sometimes. But I think I did okay. KO told me I was doing a great job at some point in the night. Yay for praise, but I guess that means I have a pretty wild track record if I’m being told I’m doing great…? Am I just being paranoid?

I work again Friday night and then I’ll be out of town for 2 weeks visiting Seattle (and The Boyfriend), so no posts about the line. I hope something cool happens on my trip so I can blog about it though. Armanzo gave me the number of his friend who’s a corporate chef for the Tom Douglas restaurants in case I want to stage (or eat at one of the fancy schmancier restaurants). He also told me about great places to check out, like Salumi (Mario Batali’s dad’s place), Serious Pie (those who do not like pizza are not my friends), and World Spice. He mentioned one place that’s a raw bar and a rotisserie, and I forgot the name, but luckily we exchanged numbers so I can call him… and Google is awesome cos I found it: Seatown! Urgh… just looked at the menu…Why does everything look so freakin’ delicious?!

Dylan is coming into work Friday as opener. Everyone has agreed to jokingly give him shit for his foot. Civilians may think that taking time off after burning your foot with hot oil is normal… and it is. To a point. Sadly (or badass? you decide), cooks who get injuries usually manage to work around the injury. Armanzo recounted the time he got a third-degree burn on his hand and STILL worked service that night. “Maybe that was a stupid thing to do,” he admitted, but still, it’s the principle. You get injured, you deal with it, you come back to work as soon as you can.

With that said, I’m going to shower and head to bed, so I can head off to work as soon as I can. Good night.