Busy night today with 213 covers. I got through it mostly unscathed, mentally and physically, except for the incident where I was flipping a chicken in the pan and a drop of the sputtering hot chicken fat got me on the lip. DAMN THAT WAS MUTHAEFFING PAINFUL!!!!!! At first it got white and I was nervous that it would puff up and get disgusting like my burns usually do, but it’s darkened since, though it’s still stings a little and feels raw. Oh well, it’ll heal…soon…right? >.>;;;

Anyway, I was on top of my game for most of the night. But that’s because station 2 (KO) and 3 (Katie) got the brunt of it ^_^;;; KO spent a good part of the peak dinner hours frustrated because everyone seemed to want something off his station as a first course, which is unusual because it’s more common for station 1 to get swamped with date orders. For the most part, my most popular item was pork shoulder and at its peak popularity, I only had 5 in my oven at once. And I pushed items out quickly. For once, the Kitchen Gods were smiling down on me because my oven was hot, my wood behaved mostly well and burned mostly merrily. And I didn’t have to use much of my book as kindling.
Lately I’ve been using the most battered and beaten copies in my cheap paperback library as fuel for my fire. I feel bad throwing a book in the garbage after I’ve read it until it fell apart, so I take it to work and cremate it. So it’s win-win in the end. Books I’ve burned lately: Agatha Christie’s Death In The Air, Betty Smith’s A Tree Grows In Brooklyn (the first book I burned. I totally loved that book til it fell apart), J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger, and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Fellowship Of The Ring.

When I came into work, I’d expected to see Dylan since he was the opener but he’d left. Also, apparently Elliot had come in to help prep. And I think he was the one who stocked my woodpile before I even came into work. See! That’s what I’m talking about! That it why Elliot’s awesome and why he has my unwavering loyalty. Well, unwavering until I find out he mutilates cats or spits in public or something. But until then, UNWAVERING.

I have to shower and pack now and then I am off to the West. See you in 2 weeks if you don’t hear from me meanwhile!