Worked on 1 tonight. There was a stage. How is it that of all times, Chef Bill Kim and his wife come in to eat and get stuff off my station AND I COULD NOT MAKE THEIR FOOD?!?!?!?! Usually when there’s a PPX (basically a VVIP), I don’t recognize who it is. Oh, Ryan Poli’s in the house? Hungry Hound’s Steve Dolinsky? Sepia’s owner? I don’t recognize them until the food’s out. But this time, I looked up, and was like, “Holy–! It’s Bill Kim!” and he ordered an octopus salad and because the stage was on the line, I couldn’t make it. *sob*

I just wanted to get this off my chest. I have Station 3 reports on the backburner, but I’ll get to them when I can. I’m just a little preoccupied *coughcoughlazycoughcough* right now.