Worked Station 3 again. To be brief, it sucked. There was not one moment in which I didn’t want to kill myself. I mean, I’m not going to actually kill myself, cos that’s stupid, but I wished a lot for the ordeal to be over, or that the kitchen gods would put me out of my misery. My prayers went unanswered 😦

Things that went wrong (though I want to be facetious and say “everything”):
– I burned a pot of red wine that had been reducing. It started out as a box of wine. *facepalm*
– I burned a lot of bone marrow, because I got my steak timing wrong.
– I just can’t seem to get the seasoning on oatmeal “risotto” right yet.
– I took so long getting a cheese course out, the guests cancelled it. *FACEPALM*
– I’m so out of sync at station 3 that I start to work really sloppy. I hate being a slob. It just brings out the worst in me.
– At one point, I was so frazzled, I snapped at Koren with a “Don’t talk to me!”, which is my go-to frazzled response. I was rewarded with an ice-stare back. Me and my stupid mouth.

I wish I could say I got better later in the evening, but I just seemed to always be one step behind. Well, I did put out some desserts in good time…. like at the end toward closing time. Right…..
Matt Poli, who is Chef Ryan Poli’s brother, who’s working at the Publican right now, came in and had dinner. They sat at the Chef’s Table (right in front of me), but luckily, they ordered all their food off station 1. THANK GODS.

Actually, before I sign off, I would like to say that there was one bright spot in the night. A couple sitting at the Chef’s Table who ordered salmon off me told me it was amazing. YAY!!!
I work 3 again. Oh joy.