Breakthrough! I did well on Station 3, and whether this will be a continuing trend or it’s short-lived (fingers crossed it’s not), I did it! I got it to work for me and no one yelled at me to hurry up. And I didn’t burn anything. (Though I did accidentally sell some undercooked fish…. Damn!)
Unfortunately, my success was due to someone else’s failings. In this case, newest member of the Avec family (whose name I’ve changed): Henry. He was on the schedule to prep tonight, but our other newest family member, Mike (also a name-change), got sick and left early, and so Henry filled in.

Apparently Henry didn’t do so well on the line. He lagged so much that he took Armanzo (who was on 2) down with him. Sometime around 10:30pm, I got switched to station 1 while Henry went downstairs and the station was a mess. Our food runner, Marcus, told me that things did not go well on that station, with Henry running really late on dates (up to 30 minutes… yeesh…) or burning them (I saw a couple of hidden cazuelas of burnt dates. Oy vey.) while they were in the pan.

I want to give Henry the benefit of the doubt. When I first started on 1, I was just as bad. And when I’m frazzled and I don’t understand the organization of a station (in fact, Station 3 on Tuesday night immediately comes to mind), I work sloppily too. But something tells me all is not right, besides the story that Marcus tells about how Henry did just as badly last week. I can’t put my finger on it, and I’d love to be completely wrong, but I get the feeling that Henry’s just a huge dumb guy who might not make it. I’ve seen the way he preps and sometimes I feel like he’s not there altogether. He’s cordial and seems good natured, but it’s all in the details and I think he’s not grasping them.

Still, as I write this, I hope he’ll persevere and make it. If not, I guess I’ll be in for another good night. Even with my moderately good success on 3, I was really happy to be on 1 when I got switched out for about 20 minutes 🙂