I know I should probably stop with all the weird Dune references; I’m not anything like Paul and Avec is not Arrakis or anything. But working on the line is definitely like a trial by fire and sometimes your brain does the whole nerve-induction thing when you get burned or you’re hungry. So excuse me if I keep at it with the gom jabbar references.

That said, last night I was nervous about my being on Station 3, but Monday night, I did really well! Elliot said I did a great job! I may or may not have a tad overcooked some smaller pieces of foie, but at this point, it’s too late to worry about that. I’m just elated that I pushed out food quickly and they all looked really nice. Elliot went “Ooh!” when he saw a plate of softshell crab I put out and also praised one of my foie dishes that looked really nice. Yay!!

Tuesday I work 3 again. KO is supposed to be on 2, which worries me slightly. Lately he’s been one of my lesser favorite coworkers because I’ve been getting this odd feeling that he doesn’t like me much, or he’s annoyed by me. Perhaps I’m just paranoid and imagining things, or I just happen to catch him at bad times. Whatever it is, I don’t trust him as much as I do Elliot.

Here’s hoping Tuesday is just as good as Monday was, and I do so well that KO can’t reproach me on anything. Fingers crossed!