Hi there, I’m still alive!

Work is fine but I’ve been busy…working.
And so, I find little time to blog about my kitchen times. Especially not when my other priorities, laundry and sleeping (and a bit of kpop entertainment news and uploading kpop onto my Zune…and reading manga…Okay so I’m lazy and unmotivated as hell, so sue me) are taking up my time.

Anyway, I’ll get to updates soon.
Look forward to my thoughts and impressions on:

  • Ms. Nao and her friends pay a visit to avec!
  • Vice TV’s Munchies pays a late night visit to avec (courtesy of Girl & The Goat’s Stephanie Izard)!
  • Our various stages…
  • Station 1 is… hot yoga?
  • A new intern!
  • A possible new feature about Station 1 staff meals called COMIDA, featuring RECIPES!!!!!!!

Phew! I’m kind of excited at the thought of writing about these topics. Now if only I didn’t have to go to bed, as it is almost 6AM….