I got a text from Koren today asking if I’d be willing to work Saturday (which was supposed to be my day off). Of course I said sure. I wasn’t surprised because my companion station 1 line cook, Mikey Rook, has been experiencing excruciating carpal tunnel lately. Last I heard, it was so bad he couldn’t even hold a toothbrush.
Everyone at work is concerned for him. We even switched him to prep to make it easier on his hands but I guess it’s not really helping =_=

Anyway, long story short, I’ll be working this Saturday and Sunday. A 6-day work-week! And it’ll be all overtime! I might be a little tired, but it’ll be station 1, the station I love, working on time-and-a-half. I’m happy. Especially because more money = easier time paying off my student loans. Hurrah!