Another short update but a pretty cool one!

As I was training another stage that night (*sigh*) Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen came in to dine!
My first thought, besides, “COOL!” was “Goddammit, if they order anything off my station, the stage will be making it. GODDAMMIT!”

I can’t remember what they ordered from Station 2, but they definitely got dates and a pork shoulder. And they requested no onions in their meal. Interesting!

I got a glimpse of Martin Sheen. He definitely looks like himself haha.

I’m not gaga over celebrity sightings or anything (well, depends on the celebrity I suppose) but I was impressed that the two chose to dine at avec rather than, say, Blackbird or Publican. If you’ve seen avec, you know that there’s no place to hide in the diningroom. We don’t have private booths. A couple of days ago, we got word that Mayor Rahm Emanuel was going to come in, but cancelled in favor of Publican because of the booths. Whatever! I’m not being hateful or obnoxious when I say this, but avec is better. Our foodrunner Marcus put it quite nicely when he said that everyone from our sister restaurants (Blackbird, Publican, and Big Star) comes in to eat at avec, but no one from avec really goes to the other places to eat. I think that’s saying something.
Which is why I give props to Mr. Estevez and Mr. Sheen for coming in to eat that night at avec instead of hiding themselves away for star-treatment dining. Yay!