Just another small-ish update post from yours truly.

We had another stage today. Her name was Paula. Apparently she was recommended by Paul Kahan himself? Or did I just hear wrong? Whatever the case may be, she didn’t really impress me. For one thing, she was too quiet. Out of the corner of my eye, she’d be swishing the ladle in my chicken stock, or smoothing my ninth pan of butter with my butter spoon. What, are you bored? I know, why don’t you pay attention to what I’m doing instead of looking at your nails?
More importantly, her sanitation kind of made me wary. She’d touch fish or quail and then use that same hand to touch the salt, her dry towel, and possibly even a loaf of bread (the last I’m not fully sure, but I strongly suspect). I’d remind her from time to time, but I wonder about the times I wasn’t there….
Another thing was her habit of burning dates. Look, I know that KO or Bass showed you the ropes the first time, but don’t you think that if you always have to turn your burned dates over to a nicer side after each time you placed the dates at the same spot in front of the fire, maybe it’s time you tried cooking the dates in a different location in the oven?
Not to be mean, but I hope she doesn’t come back, just because her sanitation makes me nervous.

Our intern Katie also saw a bit of line time. It was kind of cool/strange to have two girls standing next to me for a good part of the night. I’m probably playing favorites but I definitely like Katie and am really excited to impart whatever knowledge I can to make her line time (if/when she gets some) easier.
When I told her I kept a blog, she got excited and asked for its web address. Cool! A potential reader! I also wrote down the recipe for one of my comida standbys, pork sandwiches (which KO calls the “Sloppy Betty”), into her little notebook. Whoa, imparting my knowledge… so profound….

Hmm. I just noticed that I’ve been keeping this blog since March, which means I’ve been a line cook wannabe for nearly 5 months. And yet I still keep telling people I’ve been doing it for about two months. Wow, my sense of time IS totally off…. *face palm*