I’m still brainstorming what to call my photo entries to differentiate them from my regular blog entries. So far, “Oh, Snap!” is the best I can come up with. *hangs head in shame*

But lame titles aside, here’s a photo to show that sometimes the coolest stuff that happens in my avec life happens just outside of it too.

HOLY SWISS! It’s a praying mantis!! I was walking to the train station with Elliot and Marcus (our foodrunner/bartender/resident 3D actor) when Marcus spotted it just hanging outside the CTA building. How many people have seen a praying mantis outside of nature shows and National Geographic magazines? How many people even knew praying mantises lived in Chicago?! The experience of seeing one up close was really amazing. I’m also impressed Marcus spotted it, because if I’d walked a bit more to the left, I probably might have stepped on it >.>;;;

Here’s another photo for scale. FYI, if I happen to look super ugly in these pictures, it’s because I had just gotten out of work about 10 minutes before. Whatever!

I finally let him go by the bushes outside the CTA building. Goodbye little buddy!