I was in the taxi with Elliot when he informed me that Ms. Stage Paula got hired.
Me: “WHAT!?!??!! NOOOOO!!”

How is this possible?! But it’s happened. Elliot didn’t even know we hired her until Marcus said something. Apparently Koren hired her. No, Mom!!! You know what happened the LAST time you hired someone without discussing it with your sous chef!! *coughcoughwillcoughcough* I know you’re Chef de Cuisine and technically you call the shots, but so far your hiring track record has me wary. I don’t claim to be a dynamo when it comes to judgment of character but I think it says something when Elliot told me he also didn’t like her. I am not alone in this!

My only consolation is that I heard we want to hire our intern Katie. Yay!
Sez Elliot: “I like her. She’s smart, she’s got a great attitude.” She’d definitely be a great addition to the team. He said we need a girl or else it becomes more of a boys club. Kind of, but when it’s just me it’s almost like being surrounded by lots of older brothers. And being the oldest child myself, I always wanted to be someone’s little sister haha.

Urgh…. Still, what a downer. Elliot got nervous when I told him I already talked about Paula in the blog. He probably thinks I said bad things about her. No worries! I didn’t. I just happened to talk about the quail hand sitch because that’s tellin’ it like it is. But, as a precaution, I’ll probably give her a name change too.

… *pause*

… *blink blink*

… *sigh*

Urgh! Why, Mom, why?!