No time for a full entry! Look at this pretty picture!

Labor Day has come and gone but the hectic days before and during it will forever live on in this blog (but not in my mind because I’ve got a pretty bad memory and also because more hectic days will probably come to overshadow this one. New Year’s Eve, anybody?)

Saturday was pretty brutal but Sunday was photosnapped because it started out so fun before turning into an onslaught. Sundays are a little more relaxed for some reason. Probably because we order in food. Saturday’s opener, Scottie, went above and beyond with the prep so we found ourselves with not much to do that Sunday. So Elliot, KO, and I pitched in money and I went to get us chicken and scratch-offs.
A little backstory on the scratch-offs: a little while back, Elliot got $25 as a tip while working on station 3, so he spent the money on scratch-offs as a fun thing for the line cooks to do and it went from there. We won $26 the first time and not as much since, so we’ve taken a break from them. But with Sunday being so glorious, we thought, why not? And so I bought food and spent $29 on scratch-offs which ended up being one of the best things I’ve ever done because I became Scratch-Off Queen that day. I won $55 on two cards alone. My hands were shaking from the amazement haha! I think our total winnings came out to about $70. We’re still not sure what to do with the money….

Of course, all that fun turned into a dinner massacre that night that lasted until Monday night (Labor Day). That was a pretty brutal day too, but I’ll always look back on it as fun. Where else will I be able to do this:?
Our manager that night, Liz, asked me to draw pictures on the nightly manager’s log and so I jazzed it up a bit into a comic. It’s called “Avenue C vs. Labor Day Onslaught” and recounts the restaurant’s epic battle with a little whimsy. I wish my camera was a little better so you could read it through, but it’s no iPhone so it’s the best I can do for now. (You can click the pics to enlarge them a bit to try to read them.)

New Year’s Eve is coming up, so I’m anticipating another fun Manager’s Log about that night… 😀