Autumn is approaching and all around me people are getting married or preparing to attend weddings and the like. Justin Large got married on Saturday; KO’s going to attend a bachelor party; Elliot’s attending a wedding; server Mikie got engaged (wedding date pending). I even requested off because my cousin’s getting married in a couple of weeks. Hmm now that I recall, a couple of weeks back, a couple got engaged in the restaurant.
Anywho, I think I’m going on a tangent. Long story short, because KO and Elliot are going to be off doing their respective wedding-related activities, we’re even more short-staffed, and so this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Koren will be on station 3.

WHOA!!!! O_O!!!!
My first reaction upon seeing the schedule was, “COOOOOOL!!!” and I still think so, though a tiny part of me wonders if it might be nervewracking as well. I don’t know why though. Because I’m afraid she’ll frown upon my occasional moonwalking? (Yes, I practice the moonwalk on the line.) That’s not very likely though. I’m probably just overthinking it because mostly I think it’s awesome to see Koren on the line.
Usually I’m used to seeing Koren at the window expediting or doing front-of-the-house (FOH) activities: talking to customers, food running, wiping glasses behind the bar. In my mind, Koren’s so far removed from actual line-cooking that when I do see her doing the occasional line activities, my heart gladdens. It’s like when I wonder about certain chefs who’ve gotten so big and opened so many restaurants and just thinking if they even cook anymore let alone in one of their own restaurants. Maybe they do. But aside from mugging for the camera, do they still ever step behind the line and work a station? Probably not, right, since that’s what line cooks are for. I can hardly imagine Rick Bayless or Thomas Keller nudging a line cook aside so they can get their hands dirty šŸ˜›
Is Iron Chef America (barf) the only place where I’ll be able to see chefs actually working up a sweat over a production line?

So that’s probably why I’m so excited to see Koren in action, because she’ll precisely be in action. It’s like just because she’s paid her dues doesn’t mean she’s up and stopped cooking. I want to see Koren sweating on the line, taking care of tickets as they spew out the machine; I want to see how she handles so many incoming orders while still keeping an eye on the chef’s table. Maybe because if I see how she handles it, I’ll be able to get over my mild distaste for station 3 and be willing to let go of Station 1 for someone else to take over.

Speaking of Station 1, I’m having a ball like always. I was surprised a couple of days ago after reading back on old entries just how far I’ve come as a station 1 line cook. Maintaining dates is easy now and I’ve established my rhythm and muscle memory. I’m totally comfortable now, as I fondly refer to Station 1 as my “happy little cocoon”. Still, I’m trying not to take things for granted. Just because I can keep up on dates doesn’t mean I won’t be in trouble when I’m slammed. Sometimes I get a nice reminder that I’m still learning on those occasions where I think I’ve taken care of all the orders pertaining to me on tickets only to find out the food runner was waiting for one more item on a ticket that was in the window. D’oh! And then I have to haul ass to try to get it out as fast as possible =_=
Moments like those make it that much harder for me to accept that my Station 1 days are coming to a close. How can I move on to 3 when I feel I’ve still got so much to learn on 1? But move I must…. soon. My days are kind of numbered.

On a happier note, I made a pretty tasty staff meal (comida) last night that I was slightly proud of. I used some leftover confit potatoes and made veggie hash, while cooking scrap bacon and then using the leftover tray of bacon fat to toast thin slices of bread on. It was almost like a fat bomb in disguise. It was totally tasty. I’d gotten the hash idea and bacon fat toast from KO but I cooked the dinner so I think most of the credit should go to me. I’m debating whether to include it in my (still pending) COMIDA page.

With this upcoming hectic week, I see on the schedule that I’m off on Tuesday and Wednesday. Two consecutive days off!! Totally excited! I’ve been working six day work-weeks for a couple of weeks now and while I love working and earning money and hanging out with the boys, the prospect of two days all to myself…. no words to describe it except maybe, “Squee!”

On a sadder note, I also noticed that Mikey Rook’s name has been taken off the schedule. His carpal tunnel is so bad he has to have surgery so he’s unable to stay with us. Sigh. I really liked it when he was working with us. Also, our awesome dishwasher and night cleaner, the brothers Franco and Bernardo, left us a couple of weeks back. I don’t know the full story but I’ve heard it was because they had beef with our foodrunner Erick. Sigh… It totally sucks because not only were Franco and Bernardo one of the crew, they were really good guys and awesome workers and now we’ve hired a cleaning crew and it’s totally not the same.
Sigh…. Things will get better but for now all we can do is do what we’ve always excelled at: dealin’ with it.