I had two days off and now I wish I didn’t have to work tomorrow. That said, of course I will. Not only do I have to, but I like work (up to a point), and cos starting tomorrow (or rather, later today) Koren will be working line 3 and that’s a sight I’d like to see.

Here are just a few snippets I’d like to mention before I turn off my compy and go to sleep:

– First and foremost, Intern Katie has finally worked the line! It was on Tuesday night and while I was initially a little saddened (okay, maybe more like devastated) that I was being evicted and made to work Station 3, eventually I just accepted it because I have to. Oh yeah, and cos Katie working the line is important. And a good milestone in her life. She was all smiles at the end of the night so it must have been. KO was her guide. I wish it had been me, but again, oh well!

– Wednesday was my off day but I volunteered to help out Koren at her event at the Cultural Center, benefiting the Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control. This is Koren’s fifth year doing this event, but my second (I did it with her last year). It was fun! Last year she served a burrata crostini with pickled tomato (and some other component I can’t remember). This year was a Nichols Farm creamed corn crostini with heirloom cherry tomatoes. Totally delicious but some people were really iffy about the creamed corn. What’s not to like about it, people? It’s simply dericious (yep, dericious), especially with spam, if you want to make it poor Chinese style. Yeah! Fond early childhood memories!

-Today I was going to have half-off Happy Hour oysters at Shaw’s just like everyone and their mama at avec has done, but it was not to be so I’ll just have to wait next week. But after I do that I’m going to try not to follow every passing avec employee trend that’s been floating around. I don’t like being a follower, but dammit, oysters are too damn awesome to ignore.

Back to work in 12 hours. Fun times. Goodnight.