No time for a full entry! Look at these pretty pictures!

I doodle a lot. On the white tile wall in the basement I stuck up a couple of drawings I’d done and unless Koren (or anyone else) takes them down, I’ll slowly add more or replace them with others. I have a couple in my locker that I should post some other time.

The wall in front of the prep table. The big one is my self caricature titled “Line Cook Wannabe” cos that’s my tongue-in-cheek job title.

Jorge, our butcher, took a two-week vacation back to Mexico to visit family and it’s always pretty rough without him, cos not only is he a pillar of awesomeness in avec (Koren trusts and values him completely), he makes our dates. While he was away, we all took turns making the dates, and they are never the same O_O;;; This little doodle is a reflection of how much we need and miss him when he’s not there.

Line cook Mikey Rook’s currently no longer with us but while his fate was still up in limbo, I randomly drew this on our prep list and it made me think of him.

If you’ve seen the Manager’s Log Comic then you know I doodle on the line as well. I drew our second sous chef Armanzo (who I also sometimes think of as my kitchen big brother) as a happy-go-lucky baby with his sweet tooth, as well as his snaggletooth fang. In real life, Armanzo looks vaguely like a slightly older, more tired version of Ryan Gosling. Speaking of which, I found this and it made me laugh.

Oh, snap! It looks like I’m not the only line cook with a quirky sense of humor! This was taken earlier in the summer one Sunday when we went next door to Blackbird’s pastry kitchen to get things. I think they were cutouts from the plastic wrapper off of enoki mushrooms (or hen of woods, or basically Japanese mushrooms, cos who else but the Japanese have such cute characters on their packaging? Definitely not Americans, pffft) and they’d been personalized with introductions like, “My name is Gertrude” and “My name is Mortimer!” Some of my favorites include: “My name is Archibald”, “Yo Bitches, my name is Angiral”, and “Benny! What up!” You can click the pic to read some of the cute captions.
The next time I get a chance to visit the pastry kitchen again, I’m going to see if they’ve since added to the collection or taken it down. I hope it’s the former!