I’ve noticed that I’ve been posting a lot of Oh, Snap! entries which means I must have been really lazy lately. I kind of can’t help it. But tonight I’m going to try to suck it up and throw out some updates.

Sunday was pretty mellow all day. There was a little pop in the beginning but even then it was manageable because KO on 2 stepped in and helped me out just to help me out. I returned the favor a little later on busting out a couple of salads for him because I didn’t have anything pressing on the board.
The bread that came in (from the same bakery we’ve been ordering from before) was actually decent today. Tomorrow it’ll probably suck, but whatever, I’ll deal with it. When warmed/toasted, it tastes REALLY good dipped in the pistou that goes on the pork shoulder. YUM O_O;;; That’s one of the reasons I’ve slightly forgiven this bakery.

Outside of the line, I heard from Armanzo this morning that we hired one of our stages (whose name I’ve changed to) Ruth. She worked at Blackbird for a while and then went to Maud’s but got laid off. I remember liking her, but probably I was biased at the time because she told me she watched anime :/
If Koren’s hire, Paula, successfully moves here, then we’ll have a lot of girls at avec. Honestly, I’m kind of nervous about that. Gaggles of girls make me nervous because it kinda-sorta reminds me of school again when everyone formed cliques and I was always left out because I was a goody-two-shoes nerd. It probably won’t be like that, of course, and I’m just overreacting. We’ll probably bond and become kitchen sisters.

I heard from Koren and Manager Liz that everyone liked my comics at their Wednesday meetings and now Paul Kahan has become interested in me. According to Koren, he’d like for us to have a chat, but she wouldn’t say what it would be about. Liz later let slip it might be about a cookbook, which sounds AWESOME, but today after work when everyone was smoking and talking (and I was drinking water) about how woefully underpaid we are, I mildly wondered about Armanzo’s joking conjecture that Paul hasn’t approached me because he hasn’t yet figured out how to exploit me.
Times like these, I ponder the fine line between being loved and used at work. At the end of the day I definitely love my job, and I love my kitchen brethren. I love Koren and Jorge and Station 1. But it’s also a fact that I’m not making a whole lot of money (and once the new hires show up, I and the other line cooks will be making a lot less money than we’re currently making >_>), the job doesn’t provide insurance or benefits, and there’s not much room for a social life (my top priorities on my off-days are either laundry or sleeping). But I’m young and naive and so I keep at this job because this restaurant is awesome and I’m learning so much, and I really do love a lot of things about my job and have fun.
Alright, Paul. I’m in a good mood right now. I’m willing to be exploited, so let’s see what you come up with at this meeting we’ll supposedly be having. Still, I’m going to be upfront with you: I just doodle. I ain’t gonna be winning no prizes with my art, so be prepared. I just do this stuff for a laugh and because it’s fun. So for all our sakes, I hope you don’t suck the enjoyment out of this….

Well, that’s all for now that I remember. Don’t be surprised if the next few entries are photo entries because I’ve been taking photos. I definitely want to post the avec reunion and Sunday’s 10 lb hen of the wood mushroom. Fun times!