No time for a full entry! Look at these pretty pictures!

Now that we’ve hired Ruth, my days on Station 1 are numbered. I looked on the schedule this week and I’m on 1 this Sunday which makes me really happy, but why do I have this feeling that it’ll be my last time on that station? ;_; Mlurfsob… I better make it last and take lots of pictures so I can make a commemorative blog entry.

Just in case that doesn’t happen, here are some line pics I took a long time ago for posterity.

This is what my station looks like when I stand a little to the left. I generally try to keep my station as neat and clean as possible. Notice those cazuelas in the corner? We’re running low on them again -_-;;;

Standing further left on my station. So neat and clean! You can see the divide because all those splotches on the counter further down are on station 2’s side. Station 2 is always a little messier because of the flour and hot dough. In case you were wondering, that’s Armanzo on 2, wearing his steel-toed velcro kitchen shoes.

And here is the view of my oven. Just looking at that fire makes you squint, right? I’m squinting just looking at this pic, so imagine how it is in front of it in real life! Oh my pretty wood fire, how I shall miss thee…. ;_; Mlurfsob!