Okay, so I didn’t get to work Station 1 for the last time like I thought I would last Sunday. Armanzo was feeling sick and couldn’t work 3 so I had to pinch hit. (He did stay to finish some prep though.) Inwardly I was disappointed because I love being on 1, but in the end it really makes no difference when work is work, and you’re needed.

I also caught whatever Armanzo had because when he left I started to feel all “blaaaahhhh” and it worsened into the evening. By the time we broke down for the night, my eyes were bleary, my sinuses were killing me, my nose would simultaneously not stop running/decongest. When I coughed, I sounded like I was going vomit. I half-seriously wanted to put myself out of my own misery. Or crack open my skull to scrape out my sinuses (sorry for the gross imagery). I think Elliot kind of took pity on me when he told me to leave the plancha for tomorrow (aside from the fact that our dishwasher was up to his ears in dirty dish/kitchenware) and that I could come into work on Monday at 6PM (or if I had to, to call in).
In retrospect I should probably have called in but in reality we’re still understaffed so it would’ve been difficult; I took medication and slept until 4PM, felt better so I took my temperature (98.7°F), pronounced myself to be alright (even though I still had a sniffly constitution) and headed to work. My aim was to get through the 6 hours and then rest myself on my days off (Tuesday and Wednesday). I’m sorry to say that I think I definitely paid it forward to Elliot because when I got to Station 3 to relieve him (he opened but was working 3 for me until I came in) he told me he was starting to feel under the weather. Urghhhh >_< Me so sorry…. I promptly gave him some of my cold medicine to try to nip it in the bud. I also repaid Bartender Rebekah's kindness in helping me plate chocolates by passing my illness on her to her too ;_;

The sickness has been going around. It started from somewhere else, but I caught it from Armanzo and definitely played my part in it by spreading it around.