I know I haven’t been talking much about station 3 even though that’s also a prominent stage in my growth as a line cook. I apologize but I can’t help but feel this slight lack of enthusiasm for 3 as opposed to my overflowing love for station 1. I’m sure in time it’ll get better….
Anywho, I worked a Friday on 3 for the first time last week, which is a bit of a milestone. Usually I’ve been working early weekdays so when I saw my schedule that week and saw I’d been given a Thursday AND Friday to work, I thought: REALLY?! You think I’m ready for a Friday?!
But it worked out fine because of two reasons: I just kept working and no one ordered foie gras. Usually my biggest issue is not knowing what to expect in an unfamiliar environment. And that nervous anticipation just grows until it’s like an all-consuming fear. But by the time dinner rush occurs, I’ve forgotten the fear and worry. When you’ve got a lot of food to push out, there is no time to worry. So once I’m over that hurdle, I feel a lot better. My second problem is my fear or messing things up, and there’s where foie gras hits the mark. I’ve only cooked it a few times so of course I’m nervous when someone orders it. I don’t want to look like an idiot undercooking it and I sure as hell don’t want to catch flak for overcooking it *shudder*

That said, on Monday I sold a lobe and a half (broken down as 3 half-orders) of foie gras, so my foie fear is starting to go away (not that I don’t say a silent prayer for people to not order foie >_>;;;). Cooking it three times in an evening helps. It also helps that it was on a Monday as opposed to on a Friday; we weren’t so crazy busy that I could actually focus on things going on around me. It’s hard enough trying to get a cheese plate out and not under/overcooking hangar steak without also having to worry about messing up one of the most expensive pieces of animal fat known to man :/

One of these days I should probably talk about how I cook foie gras but for now, all I can say is I just remember what Armanzo once told me: you pretty much want to cook it until it feels like a boob when you touch it. Weird, but that’s the general picture.

Despite a couple of hiccups that night, KO (back from being out of town) working on 2, said I did good that night. Now the next thing I need to focus on is getting tickets out of the ticket machine (which apparently is called the “wheel”?) and speed reading.
I’m back at work on Thursday at 4pm. Until then, I hope I can keep my sickness it bay cos I hate feeling under the weather and I DO NOT want to pass it to people again….

On a happier note, unless more wrenches get thrown in the schedule, I work on 1 this Sunday. Yay! I definitely plan on working Station 1 super enthusiastically as if it was for the last time. I’ll try to make super delicious comida for everybody, too. Yeah!