No time for a full entry! Look at this pretty picture!

Oh man, being on station 1 was awesome. I’d like to talk about it some more but I have to get some sleep in order to show up early to help out at a bridal shower luncheon at work tomorrow. 9:45 AM. Yeesh.
Anywho, what I looked forward to the most was the opportunity to make some tasty comida/staff meal and I’d like to think that I didn’t disappoint tonight…

Aww yeah! Made a vegetarian shepherd’s pie, using leftover mushroom bolognese (the pasta dish has changed), corn, peas, spinach, and mashed turnips/potatoes. It was pretty darn tasty (Koren-approved!), even if Elliot did add sliced prosciutto to his share. Whatever lol.

Hmm… I definitely have to get started on a COMIDA recipe page soon….