Ruth called in Thursday so instead of working 3 like I was supposed to, I was put on 1 *huge grin*
Unfortunately, that meant that Opener Armanzo had to work 3 so a lot of stuff didn’t get put away… so I had to put it away. After we broke down our stations. AND we still had to put together pork to braise. Ugh, it was a bitch. I didn’t get out of work til after 2AM… And I have to prep on Friday and Elliot/Armanzo want me to show up at 10AM. Ugh… this is gonna be a bitch. Whatever! It’s still gonna be a fun Friday, especially because I won’t be on the line. Unless Ruth calls in again >.>;;; Fingers crossed I don’t have to be on the line….

I worked 3 on Monday night and Rob and Allie Levitt (of Butcher & Larder) came in that night for their anniversary. They sat at table 4 and later on bought a bottle of sparkling wine and shared it with the staff. We toasted them. Monday was a really chill night. So chill, I don’t even remember much that went on. Geez, who was working 2 that night? Elliot? I’m not going to wrack my brains trying to figure it out.

The Poli Brothers came in to eat around 7:30pm and sat at the Chef’s Table, chatting with Armanzo. I just can’t get used to chatting with guests yet. I’m trying to work on it, but I’m not used to being sociable.

Koren’s on a long-deserved trip for a while, Elliot’s out of town until Monday. I will be working on Station 1 on Saturday and Sunday. Woohoo!