Mom came home today!
It also happened to be her birthday, and I gave her a present: some cute socks. You can never have enough cute-cheap socks. I’m sure other line cooks would rather wear regular cotton socks, but I’m all about cute socks that, if/when they start getting holes from wear and tear, I won’t get too upset over. I’ve got a small collection going. Hmm… in addition to a COMIDA page (pending…fo’ realz), I might have to start a socks and bandanna page or something. Hmmm…!

I was on station 3 tonight and it was really pleasant. Earlier that day I’d come into work a little nervous because I knew it was Friday and I was anticipating a slaughter but in actuality it wasn’t bad. (Probably because no one bought any foie gras. Yay!)
Even with a special thrown on my station (rabbit and sunchoke ravioli) I was mildly surprised I could handle the workload. Even with Koren hanging out by me didn’t fluster me like it would’ve a month ago. Funny how Koren told me she had a dream about me totally killing it on the line, and I dreamt about her coming back from her vacation tanned and relaxed, and for the most part, both our dreams came true. Cos I totally did kill it on the line tonight. Whoa….! O_O!!! Even Armanzo said I did well tonight!

Of course, in my belief of balances, someone had to pay for my good night and it fell to new hire Paula. She had it so rough that Armanzo (who was expo tonight) had to step in for her and I think even Elliot pitched in to shoulder some of the burden.
She asked me later that night how long it took me to master the station. I told her it took me about a month to feel really comfortable (and I just read back on a couple of my old blog entries, and it’s actually true) but I didn’t tell her that she’d been hired with the expectation of accomplishing it at a much faster rate than me. I didn’t want to rub any more salt on wounds and concerns she might have already had.
Speaking of hiring, it turns out Koren didn’t hire her like Elliot and I thought she did. It was actually The Man himself, PK, who did. To which I say, “Uh… whut?” O_o???? Well, at least my faith in Koren has been restored. I’m sorry it was so easily swayed!

I’m on 3 again Saturday. Armanzo will be on 2 and Elliot will be expo. I’m a tiny bit sad about this arrangement because I like working with Elliot the best. He gives me this sense of security that I don’t really feel (yet) when I’m working with the others. Well, now’s a good a time as any to try to feel it with Armanzo.
I do hope that Elliot stays until the end though. Cab rides to the train station are a little bit lonelier when Elliot’s not around because I don’t have anyone else to dissect the intricacies of the day with.

Little miscellaneous things that made me happy about Friday’s service:
– Bartender Mary Rose said that I’m one of the fastest at putting out cheese plates. I don’t know if this is true or not, but the fact that someone threw this sort of praise at me pleases me.

– Koren said I was killin’ it on Station 3 and it kind of was true.

– Mary Rose and Barback Ryan were really nice about plating chocolates for me every now and then. Plating chocolates are a pain, especially because the shelf the chocolates happen to be on is just high enough for me to have trouble reaching.

– Pictures from Monday’s company Halloween party got printed off and a picture of me (with Sontra and Robin) was pinned on the bulletin board. Not tooting my own horn or nuthin’ but I think I looked pretty freakin’ awesome clawing at Big Star’s door. Mwahaha!!

– Koren tasted my food and each passed her rigorous inspection. Yay!

– My knife was sharp and it made work so much easier. Cutting slices of cheese, scoring fish, and slicing steak was a breeze. Ahh, having a sharp knife is awesome!

I hope I have a happy Saturday. Until then!