No time for a full entry! Look at this pretty picture!

Aha! Maybe a new sandwich tradition will be born because Ruth made a “pulled pork” sandwich that looks like the Sloppy Betty! I think Ruth used Amatriciana sauce as her base, and she threw cornichons in the sandwich. It was pretty tasty (though of course, I’ll always be partial to my own ^_^). I told Ruth she should name her sandwich the Dirty Ruth (following the same adjective scheme) and she consented “only if you spell it with a U” and so… Durty Ruth it is!

Tonight also marks the first time Ruth has made comida for more than one person (that I know of). Hurrah! Feeding the hungry masses who are your coworkers!

Tonight was also my first Saturday on 3. I survived! And not only that, I did fine. I sold out my specials early and no one ordered any foie gras. Thank the kitchen gods–I’m not a fan of cooking foie. It was cool when we first had it on the menu but now I’m just getting tired of it. My zeal started to flag around 11:30pm when I started mentally asking myself, “Is it over yet?!” and my only hiccup was later that night when I almost had trouble staying on top of hangar steaks. I was able, but at one point, it felt like it was just barely. But the night’s over now and I did well.

Ruth may or may not be on her own on 3 this Sunday (Paula’s scheduled to be on 1, but she may go down and therefore Ruth might need to bail her out) but whatever the case, I’m glad I did well. Toot toot! I tried to get out cheese and desserts as fast as I could. My newest stumbling block is salumi plates. Urgh too many pieces of salumi to layer… and I thought cheese with accompaniments was annoying…!

I was able to talk a bit more with people at the chef’s table. Through Armanzo’s encouragement I’m coming out a bit more from my shell. Which shows how awesome Armanzo is because he’s so engaging.

Also: avec’s been work-related accident-free for 86 days now. 4 more days and we get a pizza party. It’s ON! Everyone’s so hyper-aware, it’s almost funny. All I can say is, whoever fucks up and makes us lose the party will get fucked up by me (and probably everybody) in the back alley. I promise!