Monday was a pleasantly slow day. The weather was crappy and cold and it rained for a good part of the evening. Plus there was a Bears game (we won. YEAH!) so it was easy peasy. Almost boring. But I knew the next day would be my day off so I relished the feeling of having almost very little to do, while refining what little technique on 3 I’m trying to build up.

I’m trying to get better at speed-reading tickets. I think I’m doing okay so far. All I really do is glance and look for any items that pertain to me. I’ve been getting better at pulling out fish to temper when I see them listed as second/third course items.

Speaking of fish, we have a new fish pickup which is reminiscent of one of our more popular fish dishes. Instead of rice powder scented with herbs de Provence and a charred orange, it’s now cumin-chickpea flour and a charred tangerine. I’d never had our fish before (any/all pickups) but KO read a ticket wrong and had me fire one by mistake. So we had a fish treat! It was delicious!!!! No, I should say it was dericious. Somehow I’d magically seasoned it perfectly, and the skin was a beautiful golden brown and crispy…. KO said it was good. It’s not like he’s my idol or anything but he is an elder and a kitchen-older brother of mine, so when he said it was good and when I tasted it and it was indeed good– I just gave myself an inward squeal because it was a tiny confirmation that yes, I can cook! I CAN be competent in this kitchen! There is hope for me after all! (I mean, I’d like to think that there’s always hope for me/I am competent and useful, but sometimes tangible evidence is reassuring.)

I want to be as competent and trusted as Elliot and Armanzo. When Koren came in Monday night to check in, I doubt she stayed for more than 10-15 minutes after seeing Elliot was expo tonight. THAT is trust and reliability. Knowing that a place is in good hands if you’re not around. It’s the same feeling with Koren and Jorge. There’s that trust. I’ll never be at the level of Elliot or Jorge, but having Koren see me at either Station 1 or 3 and not having to check on me, that trust is awesome too. It means I’m worth something and I have value at the restaurant.

The fish was like a little drop in my bucket of tiny victories. It makes the journey to becoming a full-fledged line cook that much sweeter. The day was overall great but that awesome fish was the highlight of my night.

Lowest point of my night was at 12:04AM when some chick and her friends came in and ordered food. Even though proteins had gone down and I’d turned off the oven. Because technically they’d ordered at 11:55 and the kitchen doesn’t close til midnight. So they ordered dates, squid, flatbread, mushroom salad, quail, and pork shoulder. I wanted to hiss and claw at their faces but mostly because I was aggravated with their wanting pork shoulder (I had the easiest task of cooking up shroom salad after all but I still felt bad for Paula who was on 1 that night) when all I wanted to do was clean up and go home.

Still. It’s my day off now and I’m just relishing doing nothing. Although I really should be out buying cat food and cleaning my house. Oh well, that’s what having two days off in a row is for. Heehee! 😀