Today at work Ruth and Ryan both mentioned how they’d heard I had a blog. What do I say to this besides, “yep!”? Are they going to read it? Does anyone really care about my humble trials and tribulations to becoming a competent line cook?
I’d like more people to take an interest in me and the blog, but I’m also so bashful and humble that I’m just as happy when no one knows about the blog. Sorry for being so wishy-washy about this :/

Anyway, more importantly, we reached the 90 day accident-free marker at work and knowing that we killed it is kind of awesome. Sadly, I was brought back down to earth again when KO wryly remarked that it’ll probably take another 90 days for us to get that pizza party. I don’t want to believe that that’ll be the case, but most likely, it’ll probably be the case =_=;;;
C’mon Avec-Powers-That-Be, prove us wrong and give us a pizza party, stat! Who am I even imploring? Donnie? Eddie? PK? Kim? Well, whoever has the power to make this party happen, make it happen, and throw in some beer and dancing! And a day off to enjoy it all! (I’m probably asking for too much, aren’t I?)

Today was a mellow day at work. Nothing too crazy I couldn’t handle. I cooked three fish in one pan for the first time earlier that evening. So cool! I’m sure all the guys would’ve rolled their eyes and been like, “whatever”, but being able to drop 3 whole fish at once by myself is thrilling. I remember the first time I saw KO show me how to do it, I was so amazed. Just knowing you could cook three fish at once was powerful information. And today I put it to good use!
My only caveat with today’s fish pickup was that they had me put a watercress salad on the fish. I think it looks totally stupid and this salad should not be on the fish in the first place. I think it should just be a fish and a charred orange, the end. But I didn’t want to rock the boat today so I just put the salad on the fish but tomorrow I’m going to get the final say from Elliot or Koren. I cannot get over how aesthetically displeasing that salad looks…. So incongruous…. X_x;;;

Another reason why I had such a pleasant day was because no one ordered foie gras today. I should be a bit disappointed and I kinda-sorta am but I’m happier to have not cooked foie. It’s not my fave, even though we should’ve sold foie like crazy today because Koren had Armanzo portion the foie into $30 portions which is CRAZY affordable. Hell, if I was a diner and my server told me that there was a foie special for that much, I would’ve ordered it before she even finished her sentence. But for some reason the servers didn’t sell it. Part of me wondered it’s either because they forgot/didn’t know (not possible, since we have the avec notes where they can find out about specials) or, to be a little pessimistic, because they knew I’d be cooking it and they’d rather it wasn’t me. But is that even possible, either?
Whatever the reason is, I’m sure this gaffe will be corrected Friday when Armanzo’s on 3, and he’ll probably be selling out all his foie…

I’ll be back in my happy little cocoon, aka Station 1, on Friday. How bittersweet! I think I’m growing up a little because today as I was on 3, I thought about how it would be better not to go back to 1 anymore. It only makes me wish I could be on 1 forever, and now that I feel like Station 3 is starting to click, I’m beginning to enjoy its intricacies (minus the bane that is foie cookery). When I’m not too busy, cheese plates are actually fun (what the hell?!) and even when I’m a tad busy, it only makes me that much more determined to get those cheese plates out as fast as possible. The same goes for desserts, where I quickly take the opportunity to plate crepes or chocolate so that I can send them on their way and be done with it.
I’m just a little bit amazed that I’m not the same person I was when I first started training on 3. How long ago was that? O_O??

This coming Monday I’ll be helping out Koren at the Food & Wine Entertaining Showcase 2011 at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Aww yeah! Hanging out with Mom while scoping out my industry peeps! She says she’s going to serve a quinoa crepe. More details on this later cos she’s still working on it. I’m excited. I LOVE working events outside of work because it doesn’t feel like work. It’s just a super fun excursion and a great opportunity to bond with Koren. Yay!