No time for a full entry! Look at these pretty pictures!

I haven’t been snapping many pics as of late, but here are a couple that reflect new changes in the restaurant… and one about the change in myself?!

First up, new cazuelas! We got them many weeks ago, but I never did find time/opportunity to mention them. After struggling with only about 12 of the original ones for so long, it was almost bewildering to suddenly have so many when the boxes came in. As a character in one of my favorite books says, it was “richer than Christmas”!

Two years ago when I had a snack at the Publican, I was amazed to see that they had their own pens. Whoa! Fast farward to the present and now I see they have their own HOODIES. Not freaking fair. But at least a couple of weeks ago, we got some pens of our own. Woot? Yo, when is avec going to get our own tee, let alone a hoodie? Well, whatever. Avec has gone over 90 days without an accident, so Publican can suck it.


I took this pic and labeled it “dinner” as a joke but for some line cooks, this IS dinner. I never even got to finish that sandwich dammit. The bottle of beer was a gift from a friend of mine when she took a family trip to Wisconsin and visited the New Glarus Brewing Company. It was tasty until it got warm (while my sandwich got cold and stale). The Wild Turkey was a gift from a chef guest who sat at the Chef’s Table. His name was Joe Doren of Franks ‘N Dawgs. He was super nice and talked to me while I was on 3 that night.
A weird thing (or maybe not so weird, depending on who you talk to) is that ever since I’ve been on the line, I’ve been drinking a lot more than I have in my life. Granted, “a lot more” is just about a bottle or two of beer, but still, up until then I had NO beer so this is quite a significant change in my humble life. Still, I prefer to drink water and the occasional Shirley Temple : )