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Last Gripe Of The Year

It’s been a while, but I just want to make this short.

I worked last night on 1 and really, KO was freakin’ getting on my nerves for the first two hours after he got into work. Afterward, it was alright and I got over it because I’m a bit of a believer on karma, and karma came to pay him back by 86-ing his brussels when he still had orders. He was inconvenienced and annoyed and it brought me a tiny bit of satisfaction.

New Year’s Eve is my day off so I’m going to chill indoors and not partake in the end-of-the-year madness, though when I think of all the fun I might be missing at avec, I do feel a little twinge of envy.

My new year’s resolutions: I hope to be a little more prolific in the blogging and I hope to become a reliable, capable line cook that my coworkers can trust and admire.

Have a happy new year, everybody!

Oh Snap!: New Short Boards

No time for a full entry! Look at this pretty picture!

Whoa! A present from Koren! Okay, not really a present, but earlier tonight Koren came by with these brand new short boards for us. I didn’t even know we needed any (we definitely need more large boards, though…) but I’m not complaining!
How new is “new”? Check out some old boards on the left and compare it to the new ones on the right. Huge difference, right? They’re totally worn, but I think that’s what adds to their charm. The question now is: how long will it take for the new boards to get as worn as their predecessors? Hmm…

In other news, it was food runner Oscar’s birthday today. I can’t believe he turned 26. I thought he was older than me. Anyway, we had shots of tequila in his honor. Man, I love our tequila. It always goes down really smoothly, unlike Old Grand-Dad whiskey which is quite a doozy on me when taken on an empty stomach. I should make a note of what kind of tequila we carry….

Three more days until Christmas Eve, which we have off. Whee! And I’m on Station 1 until then. Double whee! (Ruth called in sick today and I was switched from Station 3 to 1, which secretly I was stoked about, teehee!)

Bless My Heart

Happy birthday to me yesterday! I had a good time being at work! It was super mellow but steady and at some point, we got to play paper telephone. It was so fun. I laughed til there were tears in my eyes.

Definitely what made it a great birthday were the people around. My favorite lineup (me-1, Elliot-2, Armanzo-3) and fun(ny) staff: Erick, Oscar, Diego, Liz. I didn’t do much birthday drinking (drat?) but it’s not what I set out to do anyway.

Instead of a cake, Erick put a candle in a chocolate mousse (currently my favorite dessert on the menu) and I had that. My birthday wish probably won’t come true but I was happy that for this one day of the year, I was able to secretly make a selfish wish. I definitely felt loved. It was a great day in my life.

Chiffonading parsley with my new Ohishi chef's knife (a gift from my boyfriend) ^_^