Happy birthday to me yesterday! I had a good time being at work! It was super mellow but steady and at some point, we got to play paper telephone. It was so fun. I laughed til there were tears in my eyes.

Definitely what made it a great birthday were the people around. My favorite lineup (me-1, Elliot-2, Armanzo-3) and fun(ny) staff: Erick, Oscar, Diego, Liz. I didn’t do much birthday drinking (drat?) but it’s not what I set out to do anyway.

Instead of a cake, Erick put a candle in a chocolate mousse (currently my favorite dessert on the menu) and I had that. My birthday wish probably won’t come true but I was happy that for this one day of the year, I was able to secretly make a selfish wish. I definitely felt loved. It was a great day in my life.

Chiffonading parsley with my new Ohishi chef's knife (a gift from my boyfriend) ^_^