It isn’t the case at the moment, but last year we had a squeeze bottle shortage on the line. What happened to them? I don’t know. Did some get thrown away accidentally? Did one of them fall on the plancha and melt? Who knows?

But we’re Avec, so we do the best with what we can.
And with the help of Wildcard Scottie… we came up with these:

Pfft! That’s a real squeeze bottle housed in the part that’s usually wrapped around the glass. We have wacky senses of humor.

At the the time, we were still selling the mushroom salad (and it was selling like crazy) so in his wildcard ways, he reused a lemon juice bottle and screwed on a squeeze bottle top for the sherry vinaigrette on station 3. It worked!

Of course, since then, we seem to be good on squeeze bottles (thanks to Scottie stealing two of them from Blackbird for us heh heh), though I think we really should nip this in the bud and just place an Edward Don order :/