I’ve been having a little trouble getting to work on time lately. How lame is it that I have to leave my house at 2:40pm in order to arrive at work at 4pm on the dot? I kid you not. Even with my catching the express train, when I’m at the Clark/Lake station, there’s like 2 brown line trains to every green line, and even when both trains are due, the green line always seems to defer to the brown line. Come on, people, I have to get to work. Even when I want to come in just a tad early (like 15 minutes! That’s not asking for much, right?) it doesn’t seem to be possible. Sigh.

That said, I came to work on time today which is so sad because I used to come in so early when I was a prep cook ;_; Oh how the mighty have fallen.

I was on station 3 tonight, Elliot on 2, Katie on 1. Fun times! It started out a little mellow, and then got a little busier just when I was about to pick some duck meat. Two ladies got seated at the chef’s table (sigh) but it was just as well because they ordered a salad and some mussels and then I didn’t have to anything with them afterward and because they were sitting there, no one else could sit there either. Win-win? Also, apparently one of the women had something to do with media or something. Either in the way for some film-making gig, and long story short (with chunks of facts missing because I got this third-hand from Katie tonight… I know, I’d make a TERRIBLE journalist), apparently Elliot got scouted as some sort of HAND MODEL?! And apparently Elliot has really good-looking hands?! (I’m gonna have to take a good look at his hands the next time I see him.)

I have to admit I’m not surprised. Elliot’s kind of a really good-looking guy. He wears clothes like he casually walked off a shoot for Gap clothing. But that’s not to say I won’t rib him to shit about this hand modeling thing mwahahaha… *evil chortle* … I mean, until I hear the whole story. But still… heehee!

I want to post about other recent happenings, such as the Superbowl, new comics, how I burned my neck (so stupid), how my knife broke (so stupid), and a zillion other things, but I have to open tomorrow; little updates will have to wait for another time. I know: LAME!