Happy Valentine’s Day!
I had a great day at work tonight! Despite it being Tuesday, we were busy, and it was exhilarating. At the time though, it was kind of lame, with tickets spewing out the printer like I’d won the jackpot or something, but afterward, really cool to think back on.

I should’ve known it was going to start out a doozy when after going with Katie next door to grab wood, the dining room already had guests. Wtf? We were only gone 15 minutes and some people were already sitting at the tables and bar. Times like this I roll my eyes and wish people would just eat a hot pocket if they’re that hungry.
But I was on a roll and I wasn’t going to get dragged down. I told the hostess Claire that I only wanted same-sex couples and older hetero couples sitting at the Chef’s Table: “Hetero couples are a dime a dozen, but older couples are cute!”

Shit got cray real fast. First chef’s table guests were ones I weren’t happy about. Not only they did not meet any of my criteria, they were industry people, and worse than that, one of them used to backback for us. And I don’t remember really liking him. He has the face of a douche. And his girlfriend looked like a supreme bitch. So, they looked perfect for eachother. Anyway, it was so busy I luckily didn’t have to give them the time of day.
And DAAAAMN was it busy! I had orders left and right and somehow, I went from having 3 whitefish orders to 7 whitefish, all order-fires. On top of a bunch of other orders. Infuriating! But after I put out those whitefish, something clicked and I realized this was fun. A push is fun! The music was fun! I was able to enjoy myself and then a new couple came to the table and they were definitely an older couple.
They definitely hadn’t been here before. The gentleman asked about the brandade, pronouncing it “brandaid” and the focaccia, “focatta”. I rolled my eyes but in the end these two won me over. They were so happy to be eating really good food and watching all the action that I found myself really enjoying talking to them. Elliot joined in on some conversation too. The man was so impressed with us, he compared us to Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippin. Eh?! I couldn’t imagine myself compared to such greatness so I laughingly replied I’d rather be Dennis Rodman LOL.
Anyway, they were so nice I gave them a plate of chocolate to go with their after-dinner coffees. And then before they left, they tipped me $20. Wahhh!!! Elliot also got some money! Whoaaa!

Definitely the icing on the cake. I hope this couple (who I now know as Jeff and Holly) come back, and I hope I can talk with them again!

Katie made out all right too. She was definitely nervous earlier today, not knowing what to expect out of a holiday, but she did great today. I definitely tried to encourage her and look forward to her continuing progress. She made fajitas for comida today, with stuff she’d bought at the grocery store. Going above and beyond, I’m really amazed by her.

I open Wednesday, so it should be super fun! Taking a page from Katie, I’m probably going to bring in some leftover brown rice from home and make fried rice for opener comida. Yay fun times!

Speaking of fun times, some notable moments today:
– I got a flower delivery from my boyfriend! So sweet!
– At some point, Elliot got a huge rip in the back of his pants! The weird thing is, he didn’t know it happened, and even weirder, they weren’t even a little ripped when he first put them on! O_O!!!
– Later in the night, a three-top came in and sat at table 4. The woman sitting at seat 47 was incredibly hot. Like, I looked up and for the first time, went “Damn!” Elliot said she looked like she’s caused a few traffic accidents. I’m sure….

Hmm… I wonder what day Sweetest Day falls on? 😀