Saturday service was stupidly long. I sold 30 shoulders tonight. I’m pretty sure I went to the bathroom once during service.

Here are things that kept me from killing myself tonight, when I wasn’t talking like a gangster to keep myself sane (Meeehhh, see?):

I got these fruit bars from my friend, Ms. Nao. When line cooks work, there’s no time to eat. These saved the day. I shared some with my coworkers, Elliot and Armanzo. We ate 5. Blueberry flavor tastes awesome… just like a fig newton.

When I work on 1, my face gets grimy as hell. Thanks to Katie, I can wash my face with proper face wash, instead of hand soap, which I was using in a pinch. Aw yeah, my face feels cool and clean, back into the fray!

Sometimes drinking water just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes I drink ginger ale. Until the time of the night I can have a beer.