Maybe it’s because of the extended weekend but Sunday night was just as stupidly busy as last night. We did 198 covers. When the night was over, I had JUST squeaked by with 4 orders of dates left. *shudder*

Not much to comment on, except that if not for Koren jumping into the window to expedite, Sunday night would’ve turned into a shit show. It also helped that when we needed stuff (which we often did), she was there to get it, or make it. (Pistachio puree? Ahahahaha… making it on a Sunday? Give me a break…)
Working a Sunday is lame, but hey, it could’ve been lamer. Maybe. Armanzo was ready to break shit for a good part of early service, while I was telling myself that I’d break bottles in the alley after work. Eh, it didn’t work out like that: Armanzo bought some cigarettes and smoked them, while I bought a King cone and ate that.

Good news: Liz tells us we’ve earned another pizza party for being accident free in the workplace. Woot! I’m sure we’ve been accident-free like three times over, but hey, I’m not going to raise my nose to a pizza party. Hell, I didn’t even realize we’d been keeping track anymore. Just goes to show that the Avec crew is just KILLIN’ it.

I open Tuesday. Why do I get the feeling it might turn out to be a bit of a doozy…? Hmmm…