I got a case of the Mondays tonight and my morale especially took a nosedive when I walked up to station 3 and was confronted with this:

Two weeks ago, I wouldn’t have batted an eyelash because that would’ve been the norm. But last week, through some mixed blessing, we got the stove all fixed up and lawd almighty, there were ALL SIX pilot lights working.

All the line cooks who ever worked 3 with a grill light were thrilled. It was a miracle!

But then today happened, and at first I thought, “Oh the pilot lights got blown out,” but when I went to relight them, they wouldn’t take the flame. WHYYYYYYY?!
Wahhhh >_< Back down to earth with a ka-thunk. I should've known that it was too good to last, and was a cruel joke played by the Kitchen Gods.

Speaking of cruel joke, Katie and I were looking forward to going to Ian's, and astonishingly, even Elliot agreed to come, but when we got there, Ian's had closed. WHYYYYYY?! They let us get pizza to go, but IT'S NOT THE SAME DAMMIT. Urghhh I hope Elliot comes with us again when we can actually go in and sit down. Did I miss out on my bonding time forever? ;_;

I open tomorrow. Hopefully things look up. Not that Monday was terrible, but I would really like the burners to miraculously light up again, and I want another opportunity to bond with my sous chef and my fave sister line cook together.