Should I be a little concerned that lately, I’ve been scheduled to work on station 1 a lot while Ruth has been on Station 3? O_o?

Since Friday last week, Elliot’s been out of town, so Armanzo was on 2 tonight. Armanzo usually has Mondays and Tuesdays off, so working a Monday with him was… a little different. Not that there was anything wrong, and I’m certainly not blaming him, but tonight I was just not feeling it. And no amount of convincing myself that “Today’s Monday! It’s gonna be fun!” was changing the way I was feeling. It was a bunch of little things that prevented me from having fun like I normally do:

– The night cleaners cleaned the stove last night and I came in to find that we were down another pilot light. If anything, that was THE crushing blow that set the tone for the night. I asked Armanzo to call the maintenance guy and he said he would, but I wonder if he remembered. (Probably not.)

– For about two days now, my throat’s been feeling a little dry and sore. I don’t know if something’s in the air, or the air in my house is dry, but it makes for occasional funny talking and not-so-fun singing along with my voice cracking. ;_;

– The last Chef’s Table guest was apparently a regular and she was getting on my nerves. She ordered the whitefish but since she loved vegetables *eye roll*, she asked for some green vegetables in her dish. Oh-kaaaaaay, fine. I offered to saute some kale for her. But then she saw me plating hangar with lentils and she got interested and asked for lentils with her dish too. Oh-kaaaaaay. And then during her meal she talked on her cell phone and was pretty annoying. Especially her laugh. It was like a screaming parrot. And then, since she was on Weight Watchers (riiiiiight…) she asked for half a cup of coffee.
Ugh… I hope she never gets seated at the Chef’s Table again.

– The new pasta dish is gross. Okay, fine, it’s not gross. It’s just not my fave. We’ve switched the pork neck ragu pasta to a carbonara, and I find it so rich I could almost puke. It’s so weird how I’ve got people telling me it’s their favorite kind of pasta. Ew. Busboy Diego asked for it for dinner and he loved it. I’m glad he liked it but gross! >_<

In other news, I can't tell if Armanzo was joking or not but he said that next week I'll be learning station 2. *cue horror movie screaming*

I couldn't wait for the night to be over because I'm off Tuesday. I just want to sleep in and order in and maybe work up the energy to do my taxes and my laundry. Opening Wednesday, so that should be fun.