So I guess I didn’t beat the odds and win that $12 million jackpot yet. Oh well, I still have next week, when the Mega Millions $120 million jackpot comes around 😀
I wondered aloud today that if I did win the lottery, would it be weird if I still wanted to work on Station 3 :/

Tonight was slow but steady, which is how I like it. A push is exhilarating and all, but it’s nice not having to sweat or struggle. Things died down around 10:30. Katie and I quietly started to begin breaking down by wrapping up place and getting together dirties while Elliot did the ordering.

Mikey Rook came in to dinner with server Sontra, which surprised me since I didn’t know they were such close buddies. They sat at the chef’s table and I happily fed them food which they totally enjoyed. Amazingly, Sontra’s never had the whitefish, mussels, or the anchovy flatbread. Then again, neither have I…?
It’s funny how some of us who work here don’t eat here, or haven’t eaten certain things. Katie’s come in with her husband, and before she worked here, she’d dined at Avec and absolutely loved us. But when she came in last Sunday with her husband and some family, and I sent her the chicken, she was thrilled because it was something she’d never had before. Before Armanzo joined the Avec family, he came in all the time to eat/visit, and now he never comes in. I don’t blame him. As for me, except for 2 times I somehow stumbled in to eat late at night as a prep cook, I haven’t been back since ever since I became a line cook. What gives? I live too far away to want to come in to eat on my day off, is all. I also don’t really have friends who I have to take to dinner with. I have to remedy this.
But it’s something to think about that I cook all this delicious food and not once have I ever really had a real taste of it….

The night ended and we sent Mikey and Sontra away with this random gift bag we’d gotten from one of our more notorious taxi cabbies. It was full of interesting items, like incense, coupons, samples and miscellaneous food items. A bottle of lotion that smelled horrendously floral was teased mercilessly.

Seeing good friends come in and eat, going home earlier than usual. I definitely feel like a winner.