Yesterday I was feeling really grumpy, which I attributed to my missing my boyfriend due to our long-distance relationship. Turns out it might have been because of the full moon.

That said, no matter how out of sorts a person feels, it can get lifted with gifts. Look! A diner gave us these sweet pick-me-ups! (Haha, you can see we grabbed for the Gatorade first.)

Sometimes diners who are industry-folk (or just plain ole civilian diners) will come in with “gifts” for the cooks. Usually it’s out of the goodness of their own hearts (though once we had a diner who thought he’d get “special” attention *eye roll*), and more than likely, it’s always alcohol in some form.

Hey, we love gifts and all, and surely we don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but we definitely love it when we receive non-alcohol items. We work really hard and usually we don’t get time/have time to eat so when the occasional gift of cupcakes or Doritos comes in, we’re all over it. Also, Armanzo and I don’t really drink, so when we receive booze gifts, we don’t really benefit.
You might be going, “Huh?! You work at Avec and you’re eating Doritos?” Well, duh. Chips are delicious!

I actually have been trying to accumulate photos of our food gifts and turn them into a blog entry, so look forward to one of those in the future. Until then, I’m gonna try to hold on to my sanity while the full moon is still in effect….