Opened today and had a great day. I know I say I cry a little in my heart because of the weather, but by the end of the day I’m actually really happy. The weather’s so awesome it just perks me up. Even if I can’t be out there to enjoy it.

I’m definitely pleased today because for the first time in a long time, I finished my opener at a decent hour. I got out a little after 7pm. YEAH! I’m trying to work my way up to the desired 6pm, but I don’t think I can do it (yet). I’m not comfortable leaving tasks, no matter how little/easy they are (like shaving radishes or slicing cucumber), for the line cooks upstairs or stages to finish for me. I’d rather leave the building knowing that the line cooks are totally set for the night and the list is done and if they so desired, they could twiddle their thumbs during dinner lulls. (Not that Koren would let them haha.)

I’m also happy because I know Elliot opens tomorrow and I did doughs for him so he wouldn’t have to. I remember the horror/annoyance I experienced one opener when I found out I had to make dough on top of an already heavy list of tasks. Dough is easy but time-consuming. Why didn’t the opener the day before do them when I was aware he had a relatively easy opener? I believe in paying it forward and just generally making the other person’s life easier. Anyway, I was sorry I couldn’t make a batch of pasta dough; there was only one flat of eggs left and I wanted to make sure it was there for the couscous dish.

Fred started his first day with us and for a couple of hours he helped me out in the basement. I was glad for the assistance but I think he could streamline his way of doing the crostini task. Oh well, there’s still time to teach him that.

I’m back to work Thursday on station 3 *cringe* but at least I know I’ll be working with Katie that day *beam*